Normod Design

Normod was founded with the philosophy of producing a furniture solution suitable for our increasingly digitalized lives.

Old-style chairs designed for our mothers, crowded and gigantic furniture stores, waiting weeks for the slightest customization, paying world-wide shipping costs for a single seat while moving the house.

We have decided to make the product fit our needs and to simplify this experience. For this, we have developed experiences suitable for modern needs, starting from the Scandinavian line focused on function and quality. We can gather our idea process under 3 headings:


In Normod, which has a minimal design focused on ergonomics, you can see the design subtleties in details. Details such as softened arms, double-sided cushions, use of rich fabrics and sponges, and flawless seams provide both high comfort and a stylish design.

Function We

Designed both add-on and portable modules to bring the timeless design concept to life not only in words but also functionally. Thus, you can enlarge or reduce your seat, add new colors, change your feet and easily move it from house to house whenever you want. Let your seat grow with you as you grow!


For Normod, design means innovation not only in the product, but also in the purchasing experience, delivery operation and after-sales processes. Thanks to this complementary modular design perspective, we are able to offer promises such as free delivery in 4 weeks, 30 days return, problem resolution in 1 week. We only promise the perfect experience, nothing less!

Note: It may be necessary to order additional modules when adding modules or dividing large modules into smaller modules.